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Life Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching helps you to clarify and re-evaluate where you are, prioritise what you want, and map out steps for how to get there. It helps you develop solutions to whatever is causing stress or frustration in your personal or professional life. 

Fundamentally, coaching enables you to press the pause button so that you can re-assess your current situation; build awareness of who you are and what is most important to you; evaluate whether you are being the person you want to be; identify habits, patterns and limiting beliefs that create a lifestyle that no longer supports you; empowers you to embrace change and create a life that is in alignment with your values and beliefs, needs and aspirations.

What are the differences between coaching and counselling? 

There are some overlaps between coaching and counselling, but they are distinct practices and have different orientations. During the first introductory session, it is usually clear to the coach whether the client’s issues need a counselling approach rather than coaching. In this case, the client would be referred to the ideal type of support for them. 

Coaching is present and future orientated – it’s about transforming your present to create your future. Some information from the past is necessary for moving forwards, like identifying old patterns and blocks to be able to change them and move on – but without analyzing why and how. Coaching focuses on building clarity, confidence and self-belief around your life goals and aspirations, and seeks to motivate and empower you towards action.

Counselling is past and present orientated, and seeks to explain how your past influences your present. It examines old identities and seeks to integrate the different parts of yourself, and to build self-compassion and acceptance.

How can Coaching help me?

Coaching will help you when you have reached a point where you want things to change, to feel more relaxed and in control of where your life is heading. It will enable you to explore answers to the issues you are facing and provide you with clarity, understanding, strategies and tools to move through your transitions to become more fully yourself, and re-create your life as you want it to be. Coaching helps you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Typical issues for which clients seek coaching include:

- Wanting greater clarity about your current situation, and exploring new possibilities

- Lacking the confidence, self esteem, assertiveness to make important life decisions

- Feeling too stressed to address issues and take action

- Needing to find proper work-life balance

- Wanting to achieve a specific goal

- Finding the courage to make a change

- Needing to explore your own identity to live life more authentically

- Feeling stuck in a rut, or at a crossroads in life

- Seeking a sense of purpose and new direction

- Making a career change

- Coping with situations of transition and change

- Resolving a challenging relationship issue

- etc….

How many sessions will I need?

Coaching is tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements, and this is something to discuss during the introductory session. You may need one or two sessions to get you on the right track. Or you may be looking for coaching over a period of a few months as you work through a situation or life transition. Clients occasionally opt for an initial half-day booster life planning session. At the introductory session, you will chat about the level of coaching that you may require and Lisa will put together a coaching programme to suit you and your budget.


Life Coaching:

Initial assessment - free

First appointment - £75

Follow-up appointment - £75

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