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Food Intolerance Testing

Do you need a test?

Do you suffer from bloating, heartburn, cramps, indigestion, or difficult bowel movements after eating certain foods, but can’t pinpoint which ones are the culprits?

Do you have IBS, leaky gut, candida, Coeliac's, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis or other debilitating digestive conditions, and want to find out what foods will be safe and healing for you to eat?

Do you suffer from an inflammatory skin, joint or autoimmune disorder, and want to harness the power of nutrition as part of managing and healing your condition?

Do you want to boost your energy levels, mood, lose some weight and live a healthier life by finding out which foods and lifestyle habits work best for you?

The Centre's team of highly experienced practitioners are here to help. We offer a range of food intolerance testing options, with expert guidance and recommendations to help address root causes and improve your health and tolerance levels, in a sustainable way.

A reliable, informed approach to food intolerance testing

Our most popular, user-friendly and recommended approaches to test for food intolerances is Kinesiology which offers major advantages over other testing methods, including:

- Pain-free and non-invasive testing: Kinesiology uses real-time feedback from your nervous system, via your muscles, to assess your body’s tolerance levels to foods. This makes it the perfect way to assess food intolerances at all stages of life and health, including babies, children, the elderly, and needle-phobic clients.

- Accuracy:  Despite the appeal of laboratory testing, IgE and IgG blood tests are notoriously unreliable measures of food intolerances, yielding both false positives and false negatives. Kinesiology, however, reveals your body’s real-time response to foods. Best of all, you will clearly experience this yourself, as your normally strong muscle will (momentarily) give way when a problem food is tested.

- Instant results:  Your kinesiologist will provide results immediately, so you will leave your first appointment knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid. They can also test for nutritional deficiencies and environmental irritants during this session, and give you lots of support to integrate the recommended changes.

- De-sensitisation and a positive way forward: From a kinesiology and nutritional perspective, food intolerances are not a life sentence! They are symptoms of an over-reactive, sensitised immune response, which can change over time given the right circumstances. Generally, they are not fixed, lifelong issues if properly understood and addressed.

Our team of specialists know how to identify the underlying factors (gut issues, stress, etc) that can create food sensitivities, and know how to treat them at their origin. By addressing root causes, kinesiology can help people de-sensitise to problem foods. Usually people are able to go back to eating most foods after a period of elimination, during which your health practitioner will treat root causes using a range of strategies. Most clients find this enormously empowering.

-Value: As no external laboratory and phlebotomy fees are needed, we offer a highly cost-effective way of screening for food intolerances.

Addressing your food intolerances can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing; contact us today to book in with one of our food intolerance specialists.

Call us on 01273 220159, or email


Food Intolerance Testing - Adult:

£70 for testing + advice to follow after the appointment

Food Intolerance Testing- Child: 

£50 for testing + advice to follow after the appointment

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Meet the team

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Bradley Carr

Acupuncture & Kinesiology

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Donna Valaskova

Naturopathic Nutrition & Kinesiology

Not sure what is the best service or team member for you? Feel free to get in touch for guidance and advice.

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