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Laura Roberts

Yoga Teacher

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Slow Somatic Movement

Fridays 2:45-3:45pm


Laura Roberts




General Level - all welcome

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About Somatic Yoga

This innovative class offers an opportunity for deeper connection, ease and alignment for mind, body and spirit.

Laura’s sessions are varied and often include a combination of styles including slow flow, restorative pauses with a heart centred Bhakti yoga essence. Seasonal changes and nature are also an inspiration weaved into the practice at times as well as philosophy and scripture.

Each class begins with a grounding practice and sensory awareness. Movements are then merged in synchronisation with breath to create a moving meditation.

A somatic style is a feeling based practice. Encouragement is given for participants to discover their own pace while staying present through the inner and outer exploration. Immersing in the moment and staying rooted in the body, noticing sensations and signals helps to quieten the mind and increase tranquillity. 

Each class closes with stillness , to then go beyond the physical experience into guided relaxation or blissful sound /mantra meditation.

About Laura

Laura has been practicing yoga and various holistic therapies since she was 20. She completed her three year teacher training with The British Wheel of Yoga in 2009.

For the past fifteen years Laura has held a variety of yoga and holistic sessions on a weekly basis in the community. Besides movement sessions , she has also been offering mindfulness, meditation, sound bath/ therapies , holistic sanctuaries , expressive arts and personal development.

Laura encourages participants to develop their intuitive abilities to attune to the signals and sensations of the body in the moment throughout their practice.

Her sessions are influenced by mysticism and often include philosophy, sacred text and music.

She has worked with participants experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, postpartum, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke recovery, cancer, paralysis, Osteoporosis, hip and knee replacements, peripheral neuropathy, Scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and various other conditions.

Classes are led in a way to be as adaptable as possible for individual needs and can be discussed before booking.

Pre-booking is required - for any queries you are welcome to get in touch directly with Laura on

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