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Khadine Morcom

Yoga Teacher

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About Khadine

Khadine has been practicing Yoga since 1997 and teaching yoga since 2004. She is a Senior Yoga Alliance 500 Hours Registered teacher. Khadine’s teaching style is calming and focused with particular attention given to breath awareness and cultivation and recognition of energy whilst honouring of our inner state of being. In her teaching Khadine creates the space for opening, releasing and presence.


Khadine's teaching is based on the current energy and needs of the class and includes postures from the more dynamic spectrum through to restorative and longer held yin style postures to bring us towards yoga. Khadine incorporates yoga philosophy into the classes, and each other practices such as pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and mantra (chanting).


Vajrasati Yoga with Khadine

on Fridays 6:30pm and Saturdays 9:30am - £12 per class


These Modern Postural Yoga-based Vajrasati yoga classes are suitable for all levels from complete beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. The class incorporates classical yoga postures and variations on classical asanas (postures). The asanas are taught with a strong emphasis on breath and energy awareness, resulting in deep relaxation, calmer mind, healthier body and the cultivation of a deeper connection with ourselves and the world.  Vajrasati classes also incorporates yoga philosophy to explore the rich traditions of its spiritual practice, and so it's more than just stretching!


The class ranges from restorative to more dynamic postures and props are used when helpful to make postures available to all no matter what movement is possible within the body.  Props are also included for more restorative supported restful practices. Generally, postures are taught individually (with an emphasis on the rest space in-between as part of the practice) but some flow work is occasionally incorporated into the class.


Yoga for Mindfulness with Khadine

on Mondays 7:45pm - £84 for 7 weeks


The aim of this course is to integrate the techniques of mindfulness-based meditation into yoga practice. Whilst all traditional yoga is essentially mindful in that it is encouraging us to move to integration (a translation of the Sanskrit word yoga), this course uses more of the meditation techniques of mindfulness and meditation techniques from traditional yoga teachings than a regular yoga class to enable you to have the tools to become a self-meditator and transfer the deep awareness learned on the mat and cushion into every day life.  


Each hour and a half session includes approximately 1 – 1 ¼  hours of asana (yoga posture practice) with 15-30 minutes of formal meditation practice (usually seated meditation but also occasionally moving techniques, breathing-based techniques which may be done reclined, body scanning or yoga nidra – a deep reclined guided meditation practice). It is suitable for anyone either as a first introduction to meditation, a refresher or support to an already existing practice.  For anyone wanting to delve really deep into the practice of mindfulness in particular then it is recommended that you attend a mindfulness course (before, after or along side this course).  This course runs in blocks of 6-8 weeks.

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