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Keri Lummis

Pilates Teacher

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Pilates - General Level

Wednesdays: 12:30-1:30pm


Keri Lummis




General Level - beginner's welcome

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General Pilates Class

Wednesdays 11:15am-12:15pm 


Keri’s Wednesday Pilates class focuses on breathing and control; using your own body weight to challenge and strengthen the core. With regular practise you can expect to increase your flexibility & strength as well as your posture. Mat Pilates will also give you heightened body awareness and a sense of relaxation, in addition to enhancing your athletic performance and self-confidence.

Keri welcomes beginners and improvers to the class as you recap the basic principles of Pilates – The Alignment, Breathing and Centring before moving towards the more classical Joseph Pilates repertoire with adaptions and equipment to make the classes fun and safe. You will leave Keri’s class feeling energised and inspired!

About Keri

From personal experience Keri has seen the strength that comes from practicing Pilates regularly. In fact, it’s why she loves teaching Pilates so much. Previously Keri suffered from what she describes as the “I seriously can’t get out of bed” bad lower back pain during her career as a gardener, when Keri was often repeatedly working on one side of her body. Also working as a photographer carrying heavy equipment, plus studying garden design, meant Keri was always hunched over a work board for hours on end. Thankfully her doctors, who had put the pain down to just the wear and tear of working life, suggested to give Pilates a try. Through Pilates Keri has managed to become pain free, strong and active again. She’s back to surfing, horse riding, running and sailing!


Having seen how Pilates can change your body so effectively, Keri decided to retrain as a Pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates, and more recently with Paul Mclinden at Body Control Pilates Studio to teach studio equipment. Keri is also qualified as a BHTA fitness exercise instructor and personal trainer. She is a member of REPS exercise professionals.


Keri's Qualifications

- Pilates Matwork training (2014) with Body Control Pilates in London

- Studio equipment training (2014) with Paul McIlnden in Brighton

- Body Control Pilates, Pregnancy Antenatal and Post Natal (2015)

- Specialist training with Body Control on Pilates and Scoliosis, Pilates for Bone Health Osteoporosis, Pilates for the Older Person and Back4Good Low Back Pain Pilates (Level 4)

- Qualified OCR as Level 3 Personal Trainer

- Qualified Active IQ Level 3 Trainer


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