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Juliet Wioland

Meditation Teacher

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Teens Meditation

Fridays 5:15-6:15pm


Juliet Wioland




General Level - beginner's welcome

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About Juliet

Juliet is a certified Innate Meditation teacher and children’s photographer with a background in children’s yoga and music publicity.

She completed her Innate Meditation Programme training at the beginning of the year and is passionate about passing on this beautiful, life-affirming and restorative practice. She is keen to help teenagers develop their ‘inner tool kit’ and live life to the full.

She lives in Hove with her husband, two teenage daughters and their dog Flossie.

Teens Meditiation Class
Fridays 5:15 - 6:15pm

Go from frazzled to free in this one-hour meditation class just for teens. Meditation can be particularly effective in empowering and supporting teenagers to manage the growing challenges and pressures of everyday life.

The ability to meditate is instinctive, it is wired into our nervous system’s natural healing and renewing processes. It does not require sitting still, emptying your mind, or restricting or controlling yourself in any way. Rather, instinctive meditation invites complete freedom to be yourself. When we cooperate with this natural state of rest and renewal we emerge feeling more at home within ourselves, are able to find more joy, meaning and relatedness in the world and our relationships, and our self-esteem and confidence is enhanced. With regular practice we experience less stress and anxiety and find more clarity and calm.

Expect an insightful and supportive combination of guided meditation, self-care practices, gentle movement, contemplation, journaling and discussion to build a strong and resilient relationship with yourself.

Calm, Confident Tweens (9-12yr olds)
Wednesdays 3:45 - 4:45pm - contact Juliet for term dates

This class is specially designed to help create calm, confident tweens aged 9 - 12yrs. During the 6 weeks of each term, Juliet introduces a carefully chosen range of tools and techniques that help tweens to thrive through the challenges of life. This includes age-adapted relaxation and meditation, restorative yoga,  mindfulness, creative journalling and some simple but highly effective practices for self-help during difficult times.

As the term progresses, Juliet introduces a range of weekly

themes relevant to tweens, to help with their resilience, and well-being. In essence, the course introduces skills and practices that can become a lifelong source of peace, calm and happiness. It's a real gift for the young tween to discover and experience.


“The Tweens class is amazing and has helped my daughter cope better with recent challenges, such as friendship issues and low self-esteem. Juliet is a wonderful, warm teacher who creates a welcoming, safe space for the children. I feel my daughter is learning valuable skills that help her to remain calmer and more centred when things get overwhelming." KB

‘I’m so pleased we found Juliet and her class. A brilliant group that my 13 year old daughter really enjoys going to each week. I could see after one session that she was going to get a lot from it. It’s friendly, welcoming, fun and with relevant topics covered that all teenagers would benefit from. Thank you Juliet’ E.M

‘I highly recommend Juliet Wioland teenage meditation classes as Truly awesome! Would benefit any teen boy or girl and it's rare to find a meditation class that has been carefully tailored with the teenage body and mindset in mind. Juliet is also a gem of a human and my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her sessions there’  M.S

‘Can’t recommend Juliet as a compassionate, empathetic and inspiring guide for teens highly enough’ Alison Potts, founder at Innate Being Meditation

Testimonials from teens:“I love coming to class and letting go of any troubles from school at the end of the week. I always feel better and so much more relaxed afterwards. The studio is also so nice”

“I really like that there is a theme each week and not only do we get to do a meditation, but a relaxing yoga pose and something creative in our journals. Everyone is so friendly”

“Every week, Juliet makes sure everyone feel welcome and included in the class. The meditation is gentle and not too serious so you can relax in a friendly atmosphere.”

For general enquiries you are welcome to contact Juliet on

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