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Gaynor Roberts

Women's Circle Facilitator

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Women's Circle

Saturdays, 6:30-9pm - monthly


Gaynor Roberts




General Level - all welcome

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Imagine stepping into a happy sanctuary where you could…

  • Talk freely and feel supported just as you are, free from judgement or ‘fixing’

  • De-stress and re-charge, while also having fun

  • Dive deeper into life’s bigger picture

  • (Re)discover your strengths and purpose, find strength in vulnerability, and clear obstacles between you and the vibrant life you came here to live

  • Make new frienships built on foundations of openess, depth and authenticity, with women who are on the same page as you

The Tree of Life’s Women’s Circle is that place: An empowering, nurturing and uplifting sanctuary for women of all ages, stages and backgrounds. Whether you’re on top of life or clinging on by your fingernails, whatever your age, status or background…. Just come as you are.

We can all lose parts of ourselves on life’s rollercoaster, and at times feel alone in our struggles. With everything happening in the world right now, it's understandable that some of us feel off balance.

Knowing how to transcend the chaos, create nurturing boundaries, and feel in good relationship with yourself are essential life skills. We can’t control the ‘out there’, but we CAN dial up joy, vitality, inner peace and fulfilment –  we just need a bit of help knowing how sometimes.

We thrive when our life is in balance; depth and fun, activity and rest, structure and spontaneity, connection to others and a happy relationship with ourselves. These and many more balance points are woven into each of these Women’s Circles.

Modern women have lost ‘the village’ and its multi-generational wisdom and support. Yet we share a core need for connection to something bigger than us, relationships in which we can just be ourselves, and regular space to pause, breathe, and hear our own thoughts.

Each Circle has its own theme, but every month integrates 7 features:

  1. CONNECTION: Activities to weave new connections of friendship that are supportive and uplifting

  2. SHARING: The sharing part of each circle is a safe and unique opportunity to fully step into your truth and power, but sharing is always optional.

  3. MOVEMENT: Lovely guided movement and stretching to help you unwind stress and tension, connect to your body, and dial up your inner bliss.

  4. MEDITATION: Guided visualisations, meditations and mind-body techniques that will help you build a peaceful, happy and healthy inner world, balanced nervous system and radiant energy.

  5. WRITING & EXPLORING: Guided journalling and personal development activities will give you new insights about yourself, your needs and your life. You’ll gain practical tools for feeling happier, more balanced and fulfilled.

  6. SENSORY DISCOVERY: We’re all sensory beings, and women especially so. Sensory 'nutrition' gently works through our 8+ senses to enhance all aspects of well-being; expect things that look, sound, feel, taste and smell amazing!

  7. TAKING SPACE for YOU: Your place in the Circle is there to support and nurture you. You can sit, lie under a blanket, participate, or rest... Nothing is demanded or expected of you.

Women attend for all sorts of reasons, and sometimes for no specific reason at all. It may be because…

  • You need more things in the diary that are just for you

  • Juggling the demands of each day leaves you running on vapours - self-care and time to connect with others is scarce

  • You want to rediscover  your direction, vitality, and zest for life

  • Or you’ve found a happy place in your life, and connecting with like-minded women helps you to stay there

We all deserve to feel happy in our own skin, connected to a supportive community, and in the driver’s seat of our life. The Circle will help you get there. 

WHEN: one Saturday per month , 6:30 – 9 pm,

WHERE: Tree of Life Studio

PRICE: £30 

Upcoming Dates TBC - please contact Gaynor for further info at

Spaces are limited to 10 women

Yoga mats and bolsters are provided.

Please bring a blanket, journal and mug, feel free to bring your own cushion and anything else you'd like to have there


In bringing these Circles into being, I envisaged the kind of Circle I'd most want to attend. They draw on my 20 years of working with women in a wide range of ways - as an osteopath, naturopath, meditation and bellydance teacher - as well as my own life experiences, Circle experiences,  and training in psychology, NLP, health coaching, neuroplasticity, and various forms of healing (from chakras and shamanic healing, to working with the quantum field). This Circle weaves all these strands together; things that have been the most helpful and transformational for my patients and students.

I have worked with women of all backgrounds over the past two decades both as a practitioner and a teacher. Like everyone, I have experienced my share of highs and lows along life’s path, and learned that the darkest chapters can ultimately shine the brightest light on all that is wonderful, hopeful and possible.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the human experience; how multidimensional we are, what shapes us, and how we make sense of it all. My work focuses on the interface between our physical, emotional and energetic dimensions, and how the body is a map of our subconscious mind and an archive of all our experiences.

While we’re all on our own unique path, the core themes of our lives – especially our challenges, desires and greatest joys – are surprisingly similar. It's a privilege to be able to support and share this journey with the patients and students I’ve worked with over the years. 

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