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Fees £15-£40

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We offer a full schedule of weekly classes, along with regular workshops and special events:


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Workshops & Events

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time but also brings a lot of changes to a woman’s life.

It is important for every mum-to-be to make time for herself and prepare not just for labour but also for the changes that a new baby brings.


The pregnancy classes with Lucy are suitable from 14 weeks onwards and gently helps to strengthen the body and release aches and pains whilst assuring that everyone is safe and comfortable at all times.


Over the six-weeks of this pregnancy yoga course, you will learn to move mindfully, quieten the mind, connect with your breath and your baby. As well as learning the power of the breath, you will work on both short sequences and holding poses to release and stabilise where it is most needed, while your body adjusts for the growing baby. This weekly yoga practice will serve you well to stay strong and flexible, reduce tension physically and mentally during your pregnancy, labour and beyond.


Pregnancy Yoga



The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘union’, or ‘to link together’. Yoga is based on the belief that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind, thus Yoga has a positive effect on all the elements of our being. It stresses the importance of containing the activity, the mental ‘chit chat’ of the mind, and learning to focus and direct the mind. This creates practices which go beyond the physical aspect.


Yoga and yoga therapy can be helpful for:


Stress and Anxiety  -  Back Problems  -  High Blood Pressure  -  Insomnia

Joint Pain  -  Headaches and migraines  -  Digestive Problems and I.B.S

Menstrual Problems  -  Depression and other emotional issues  -  Lack of energy


Please check with the centre and the teacher of your chosen class, if you suffer from any above symptoms, and would like to attend.

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These Modern Postural Yoga-based Vajrasati yoga classes are suitable for all levels from complete beginners to seasoned yoga practitioners. The class incorporates classical yoga postures and variations on classical asanas (postures). The asanas are taught with a strong emphasis on breath and energy awareness, resulting in deep relaxation, calmer mind, healthier body and the cultivation of a deeper connection with ourselves and the world.  Vajrasati classes also incorporate experiential yoga philosophy so its more than just stretching!


The class ranges from restorative to more dynamic postures and props are used when necessary to make postures available to all no matter what movement is possible within the body.  Props are also included for more restorative supported restful practices. Generally, postures are taught individually (with an emphasis on the rest space in-between as part of the practice) but some flow work is occasionally incorporated into the class.

All our classes are suitable for beginners. Those completely new to yoga would be welcome to try any class that suits them. None of our classes are held for beginner's only. This gives the opportunity to learn yoga in a mixed-level environment, with classes small enough for each individual to receive suitable attention.


Beginners Yoga 

Vanda Scaravelli was a long-term student of Iyengar and later Desikachar. Her work is based on an approach of learning how to listen to your body - going with it and not against it, avoiding all effort or strain and centering the attention on the movement and opening of the spine. She believed that yoga was not a form of body control but rather a way of bringing freedom to the body and mind.


"It is not so much the performance of the exercises that matters but rather the way we are doing them. We have three friends - gravity, breath and movement of the spine. These three companions should be constantly with us".


Scaravelli Yoga

Vajrasati Yoga

Viniyoga is an approach to Hatha yoga focusing on linking breath and movement, working on strengthening and stretching the body, while considering individual needs. In this style of yoga the function of a posture is more important than the form, allowing for modifications and variations to be made. The breath is most important throughout the practice, creating a focus point for the mind. In this way mindfulness and concentration can be built. Posture practice (asana) is only one part of yoga and during each Viniyoga class there is also time set-aside for relaxation, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation.



Yoga Teachers

Anika Grimm

Abi Denyer-Bewick

Emma Brocklesbury

Anika Grimm Khadine Morcom

Taught by: All Yoga Teachers

Taught by: Khadine Morcom and Tika Hunt-Uribe

Taught by: Kim Pehrsson

Taught by: Abi-Denyer-Bewick, Clare Parr & Suzy Daw

Taught by: Anika Grimm and Jane Modral

To Book

Call: 01273 220 159

For all class bookings, please contact Reception:

The aim of this course is to integrate the techniques of mindfulness-based meditation into yoga practice. Whilst all traditional yoga is essentially mindful in that it is encouraging us to move to integration (a translation of the Sanskrit word yoga), this course uses more of the meditation techniques of mindfulness and meditation techniques from traditional yoga teachings than a regular yoga class to enable you to have the tools to become a self-meditator and transfer the deep awareness learned on the mat and cushion into every day life.  


Each hour and a half session includes approximately 1 – 1 ¼  hours of asana (yoga posture practice) with 15-30 minutes of formal meditation practice (usually seated meditation but also occasionally moving techniques, breathing-based techniques which may be done reclined, body scanning or yoga nidra – a deep reclined guided meditation practice). It is suitable for anyone either as a first introduction to meditation, a refresher or support to an already existing practice.  For anyone wanting to delve really deep into the practice of mindfulness in particular then it is recommended that you attend a mindfulness course (before, after or along side this course).  This course runs in blocks of 6-8 weeks.

Yoga for Mindfulness

Taught by: Khadine Morcom


Express Yoga

Practicing yoga in the early morning will allow you to have more energy for the rest of the day. If you’re a beginner or intermediate, come along to Yoga Express with Jess. The sessions focus on warming up the body safely with a vinyasa flow sequence, followed by hatha poses, concentrating on strength, flexibility and balance. We end each class with savasana so that you leave feeling energized yet relaxed. Each class aims to help nurture your self-belief along with gaining physical, emotional and mental awareness.


Taught by: Jessica Wingate

Jess Wingate


Jessica Wingate

Jane Modral tree of life

Jane Modral

tree of life

Suzy Daw

Charlie Nash

Charlie Nash 2 Tree of Life Centre Kids Yoga Hove

Tika Hunt-Uribe


Kids Yoga


Taught by: Charlie Nash, Michelle De Burgh and Tika Hunt-Uribe

Bringing the many benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to Brighton & Hove's 5-12 year olds, these special kids classes offer an inspiring after-school choice for mini-yogis in the making. Classes are taught in a fun, calm and creative environment that specifically support the requirements of children.





Lucy's yoga classes are a fusion of several styles, balancing powerful flows with stillness. Priding herself on being thoroughly inclusive, friendly and caring, Lucy gives lots of different options for lots of different bodies. Teens attending one of Lucy's 'Yoga Music Flow' classes can expect clear, anatomical cues, humour and playfulness with a meticulously compiled playlist to boot.




Vinyasa is characterised by linking postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly combining movement, poses, breathing and relaxation.

The class starts with a breathing exercise usually lying down, a warm-up, followed by a gentle flow of poses incorporating rest points throughout, fun balancing techniques, core work and finishes with stillness/rest. The class is suitable for everyone with or without any yoga experience.

SUZY-DAW Claire Parr Tree of Life Centre Hove abi Lucy Small


Taught by: Lucy Small


Vinyasa Yoga

Taught by: Nicola Wright

Michelle Kids Yoga Tree of Life Centre