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Alexander Technique

How can Alexander Technique help?

The Alexander Technique is a well-established and practical method of movement re-education, involving both body and mind.  

It can help you - 

  • Learn to move with more ease and less effort

  • Find relief from unnecessary tension and its effects (e.g. back, shoulder, neck pain, RSI, breathing and vocal issues, stress and emotional issues)

  • Improve your posture

  • Regain your natural balance and co-ordination

  • Move again with your inborn lightness, grace and ease

You can also explore how movement is connected to the mind. By giving you the skills to change your patterns of moving, the Alexander Technique can also help you change your habits of thinking and feeling. You can learn a new way of being.

Anyone can learn irrespective of age and fitness. And as it is an educational method, it offers lasting solutions and independence from treatment and therapists.


Alexander Technique

Initial 1hr - try for £40

Regular 1hr - £50

Book 5 x 1hr sessions - £200 

Valid for 6 months

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Meet the team

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Harriet Anderson

Alexander Technique Practitioner


About Your Sessions

Working initially with everyday movements such as sitting, standing and walking, Harriet will help you to unravel your individual habitual tension patterns. You also get to lie down and relax.

Using verbal explanation and a guiding touch, Harriet will then work with you to discover a new way of moving and thinking that encourages your natural balance and co-ordination.

The number of sessions required is highly individual. Harriet aims to give you something to work with right from the very first session. You will not be asked to remove any clothing, except your shoes.

How Alexander Technique can help...

The Musculo-Skeletal system: medical conditions, e.g. scoliosis; whiplash; RSI – for symptom reduction and management; everyday aches and pains, e.g. back pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, headache; pain prevention

People who frequently benefit include: office workers, professional drivers, health care workers, expectant mothers, people who need highly skilled finger control (surgeons, dentists, craftspeople). The AT has been used successfully in corporate health programmes, such as ICI, The Guardian, BBC, Chanel, Hewlett Packard, The British Library.

Voice and Breathing: For example, voice loss, hoarseness, asthma, shortness of breath, problems with being heard. People who frequently benefit include: teachers, lecturers, singers, salespeople, business people, presenters, preachers, politicians, actors

Mental Health and Wellbeing: As we learn to release physical tension and holding patterns associated with stress and other emotional problems we can:

- Gain better insight into the bigger picture of our problems

- Prevent stress developing into more serious conditions such as depression

- Manage symptoms of existing mental illness better

- Improve problem solving ability and creative thinking

Enhancing Performance: The AT has a long-established place in performing arts training. Amateurs and professionals alike can benefit. It helps sportspeople and performers of all kinds:

- Increase their personal presence

- Manage performance anxiety

- Maximise ergonomic movement and stamina

- Prevent injuries and promote longer careers

- Derive greater enjoyment from performing

Not sure what is the best service or team member for you? Feel free to get in touch for guidance and advice.

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