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Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing yet powerful therapy that works on many levels - physical, mental and emotional. It is based on the principle that congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrors congestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body. These parts, known as reflex points, can also be found on the hands and other body parts such as the face and ears, however, the most commonly treated area is the feet.


By working on these specific points using massgae, acupressure and skilled touch techniques, these foot tensions and blockages can be realeased, and a corresponding improvement may be experienced in the body area mapped onto that area of the foot. It is thereore a wonderfully effective way of treating the whole body remotely, as well as a delightfully relaxing and soothing foot treatment in itself.




Reflexology has many beneficial and lasting effects. Some treatments are gentle in nature, aiming to improve overall wellbeing, balance and relaxation. Other treatments are more specific and targeted, addressing the client's particular condition or concern. Your therapist will tailor each treatment to your own needs and goals, based upon your case history and preferences.


As well as its immediately relaxing and soothing impact, it can be helpful for many conditions, including:


 -  Digestive problems

 -  Hormonal problems

 -  Sinus congestion

 -  Stress and anxiety

 -  Insomnia

 -  Headaches & migraines

 -  Back pain

 -  Neck and shoulder pain

 -  Foot pain


A Reflexology session usually lasts about an hour, depending on the age and state of the client's health. There is no need to get undressed, as it is required that only shoes and socks are removed.


Let your reflexologist know if you have any known allergies or aversions to oils, aromatherapy or other. After a session, the patient will become aware of the changes taking place as toxins released from congested systems are processed and eliminated. Drinking more water in the 24 hours following treayment can aid the elimination of these toxins.


If requested, our team of skilled and experienced Reflexologists can comnine Reflexology with one or more of the other therapies they offer, for a truly personalised treatment. Please see their individual profile pages (clicking on their photos) to read more about the range of therapies they each offer...


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£50 for 1 hour treatment

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