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Pregnancy Yoga

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£13 per class

£60 for 5 classes

Pre-booking required  


Our Pregnancy Yoga and Mum with Baby classes are welcoming and friendly - everyone is invited including complete beginners and expert yoginis! Most people are brand new to yoga when they join us for pregnancy classes but quickly find they take to it really easily and feel great for coming along.


Classes help you prepare for birth and meet other mums-to-be! We always include Birth Breathing techniques to help you during labour; offer a range of physical movements and poses to help relieve common pregnancy ailments; offer practices to strengthen the body or increase flexibility; and ways to calm the mind; plus a fantastic guided relaxation with mediations at the end. It really is an all round and comprehensive approach, bringing the best in nourishing yoga together with the latest in scientific evidence.


We incorporate antenatal education in our classes and all classes are tailored to meet your needs, so every class will be a little bit different to suit you as pregnancy progresses. Classes are suitable from 15 weeks (if you are new to yoga, or you can begin earlier if you are familiar with yoga) to full term. Everyone is welcome!






Relax, reduces stress, anxiety or help with depression.


Take time out for YOU to calm your mind and balances your emotions.

Strengthen your body and stay fit during your pregnancy - being healthy helps you and your baby.


Practicing yoga gives your immune system a boost and relieves many common pregnancy ailments, such as back ache, heart-burn, insomnia and SPD.


Learn key coping strategies for birth including how to breathe and move and relax during labour and birth.


Practice essential movements to help babies into optimal positions to help encourage smoother births.


Connect with your babies and take time out to enjoy!

Share your experiences in a welcoming and supportive space and be heard, with all the ups and downs our journeys take us on.


Meet other lovely mamas in your local area, build your network of support and friendship by connecting in with others in your community.


No previous yoga experience is necessary, classes are tailored to suit everyone’s needs. We recommend beginning as off 15/16 weeks of pregnancy.  Please arrive a few minutes before to get settled in.






Throughout my pregnancy and labour I used various techniques I learned in class. Especially during the active part of labour, the deep breathing techniques helped me manage each contraction and I was able to give birth without pain relief. Even now I can’t believe my birth was so calm and manageable. I would really recommend Kim’s classes. - Sarah Digon


However frazzled or uncomfortable I felt when I arrived, I certainly never felt that was when I left. Kim is an incredible teacher, as a trained doula she brings additional insight, advice and empathy into her sessions. I felt she always went above and beyond the call of duty and was very supportive. - Hayley Mascall.



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Pregnancy Yoga

Postponed until Jan 2022

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