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Our Osteopaths


What is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is NICE-approved and fully regulated, with roots stretching back to the 1800’s, when medical doctor A.T Still developed osteopathy as a complete system of healthcare that didn’t rely on drugs. This heritage, combined with modern osteopaths' cutting-edge clinical understanding human health, makes it a truly special system of healthcare.


Osteopathy is so much more than a collection of techniques; it is an entire system of manual medicine, based upon a uniquely deep understanding of the body and its many complex inter-connections. Osteopathy always addresses the root cause of a problem rather than merely focusing on the symptom, and is firmly rooted in an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology and pathology. Treatment engages the body’s own self-righting mechanisms, and is generally enjoyable and relaxing.


Osteopaths’ understanding of the body’s structure and function – and their mutual interdependence – gives them many levers through which to reduce pain, restore balance and support health. Osteopaths train for 5 years full-time, and have a uniquely thorough and balanced holistic and medical understanding of the body, and how its many different systems interconnect and influence each other.






What do Osteopaths treat?


Osteopathy helps people of all ages, and in all states of health.  Osteopaths are well known for their success in helping with back pain, joint problems, posture and injuries, but it can be surprising how much wider the scope and breadth of osteopathy really is. Our osteopaths help patients with a very wide range of issues, from digestive issues and headaches problems, to circulatory problems and stress.


One of the many special things about osteopathy is its understanding of the body’s complex inter-relationships. You may be experiencing many different symptoms which on the surface seem unrelated, but are actually all expressions of one underlying pattern or fundamental problem; osteopaths can diagnose and address this. The osteopathic approach can therefore be particularly helpful with problems that seem complex, chronic, or which have failed to respond to other types of therapy. Osteopathy is also, of course, great for acute problems and minor injuries. We are always happy to have a chat with patients prior to booking, to see whether osteopathy is right for them, and explain how we might be able to help.


A word about manipulation ('cracking')...


It is good to know that manipulation ('cracking') techniques are only one tool in the osteopath's large toolbox, and are only ever used where it will be of genuine benefit, and always with your full consent. In fact many osteopaths don't use manipulation at all. The osteopathic toolbox includess articulatory and myofascial techniques, cranial, functional and visceral osteopathy, and lifestyle, dietary and exercise advice, to name but a few.


About our Osteopaths


The Tree of Life Centre's osteopathic team includes some of the most experienced and talented osteopaths in Sussex. All of our osteopaths have a very broad skillset that means every treatment is uniquely tailored to the patient, their needs and preferences. Most of our osteopaths also use cranial, functional and visceral techniques, and they will all give you personalised advice about things you can do at home to support your health and wellbeing.


Each osteopath has their own specialisms, in addition to general practice;

visit our Osteopaths' individual pages to read more…

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Bookings & Enquiries

Please see individual Osteopaths pages.


General fee structure:

1st Session (60 mins): £65

Follow-ups (30-45 mins) £55


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