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Micha Augustin

Micha is a versatile and highly experienced practitioner who for the last 21 years has  studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. She has travelled to India to take exams in Ayurveda and Yoga at the Banares Hindu University in Varanasi and the Tilak College in Puna.


Micha studied Ayurveda for a further two years under Dr. Frawley, and continued her professional development under the guidance of Ayurvedic practioners such as Vasant Lad and Atreya. She hold a BSc in Ayurveda, and is a member of the APA (Ayurvedic Practitioner Association).


Micha's key areas of interest include skin conditions, digestive problems,

weight problems, lack of energy, muscle tension, headaches, back pain and

old injuries. Her consultations include Ayurvedic dietary advice, massage (Ayurvedic, Swedish and therapeutic), Ayurvedic Facials and Indian Head Massage. Micha also runs Yoga and Ayurvedic retreats, both in the UK and India.

Yoga Teacher; Massage; Ayurveda


Full Body & Deep

Tissue Massage

(60 mins) £50


Ayurvedic Dietary Advice

(60 mins) £45


Ayurveda Massage

(60 mins) £50

(90 mins) £70


Ayurvedic Face Massage

(60 mins) £50


Ayurvedic Facial 

(60 mins) £50

(30 mins) £30


Indian Head Massage

(30 mins) £28

(45 mins with Aromatherapy) £32

(45 mins) £32

(60 mins) £40

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DipAyu, BSc, APA

Micha's Testimonials

"I'd like to say how fantastic Micha's massage was! Myself and my husband have both had hour long appointments with her and agree that it was one of the best massages we have ever had! I have already recommended her to lots of friends and am hoping to book another massage as soon as possible!" Gemma, Hove


"Micha is an excellent massage therapist. My back/shoulder problem is significantly improved after just 2-3 sessions with her and I have already recommended her to a number of people." Anonymous, Hove


"I just did a day's retreat with Micha and it was like slipping into a hot bubbly bath - such relaxation! It was just the right mixture of relaxation through meditation and yoga, fascinating information about the Ayurveda 'types', fun and tasty cooking/eating..loved every minute of it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to recharge their batteries! Thank you Micha x"  N.S., Hove


"I see Micha regularly and find that her treatments benefit me so much, both physically and emotionally. She has a wealth of expertise and this is reflected in her treatments I have a combination of deep tissue and Ayurvedic massage and a bit of nutritional and spiritual support too while I am there! I often get to the clinic feeling tired and sore and leave feeling that all that dead weight of daily life's challenges and work stresses are left behind and I feel 150% better! Thank you" Katherine - Hove


"Best massage i've ever had! Was very tuned into me. Feel a weight has been lifted! Thank you Micha :) " Ellie - Hove


"I had glandular fever which led to Post Viral and adrenal fatigue. My energy was so low I took time off work and had to stop all my exercise classes (which I was doing 4-5 per week). I was very fit prior to this. This fatigue thing lasted a year before I saw Micha. In that year, I saw 5 doctors (who kept offering me anti-depressants and saying i would have to live with it for life), tried acupuncture (which is helping enormously), chinese medicine, homeopathics, herbalists and nutritionist (helpful).


I don't eat sugary things/chocolate much at all. I drink very little alcohol (2 glasses a week). And my diet was in line with my nutritionist's advice and very balanced. BUT I was still very weak and not sleeping well. I was also quite stressed and small things would upset me deeply. A significant change happened after trying the 7 day cleansing diet Micha took me through.


After 7 days, a friend met me for tea and asked if I'd had botox. After 4 months of keeping to an ayurvedic diet, I am sleeping soundly 8-10 hours a night. I have energy throughout the whole day. I am back at work full time. I lost 8kg. I am more balanced and happy.


As a bonus, I've learned to cook some amazing recipes which are easy and, recently, am also able to depart completely from the diet guidelines for 3 days with no effect at all. But the food makes me feel so well that I just WANT to eat it. The monthly massage is essential too as it is preparing me for a return to exercise which is my next challenge.


Highly recommended. Micha has great energy and many people I know have said 'You look different' followed soon after with 'I want to try that!' I hope I haven't bored you too much but I wanted to say that even with something debilitating like long term fatigue syndrome, you can fully recover in a very short time through ayurveda. Worked for me and I was a skeptic! " Mel, Brighton


"A fantastic massage. One if the best I have ever had! Wonderfully firm, was lost in the treatment but completely energised after. Thank you. A real tonic! X "

Kayti, Hove


"Micha has assisted greatly with all round well being and promotes a sense of spiritual health. " B.W., Hove


"Brilliant therapist - excellent at her job. Always feel much better after visiting Micha.  The centre is lovely - calming and well-run." Anonymous, Hove


"Micha is a great therapist. She transmits peace and leaves you energised after the treatment." Valentina, Hove


"One word: Amazing!  Prior to visiting Micha I was having to take pain killers daily for the pain I was suffering in my lower back. I had never been for a massage before and i was a little unsure as to how well it would work. After just the first appointment I was taking the pain killers with less frequency.


I have just returned from my 4th appointment and I haven't had to take a pain killer in weeks.  My back now feels like a freshly laid bed sheet during the massage, whereas it originally was like a fishermans net.  My one disappointment is that I don't need to visit Micha so regularly!"  Darran, Hove


"Due to the type of job I have, I suffer a lot from tense upper and lower back muscles. Iv had various massages before but nothing like the one I received from Micha. I felt like a different person when I left.  She has what feels like a 'magic' touch! and I will definitely be seeing her again for future treatments! Enjoy all..."  Ag, Lewes


"I first had a massage with Micha last month and I just had to go back this month! I will be making this a regular once a month visit because she is truly one of the best therapists I've been to. I have had many massages over the last 7 years as I am also a massage therapist and I can honestly say that Micha is just fantastic. I am a very fussy client as I know exactly what I like and Micha seemed to intuitively know what I needed. She has wonderful flow, healing hands and simply has 'the touch'. The treatments are both relaxing and deep and always just what I need. Thank you Micha!"  

Rona, Southwick


"I have been having regular massages for nearly 20 years but I've never had one quite like I did today with Micha. The flow of the massage was quite beautiful and entirely responsive to what my body needed at that moment. A truly serene and nurturing experience." Denise, Hove


"The first massage therapist i've been to who intuitively knows where to work. Absolutely amazing results and highly knowledgeable in her field." Euan,Hove


"The massage sessions with Micha are wonderful to relax and the right moment to ask about some help how to lose weight. She showed me goggul from ayurvedic medicine, helping as a fatburner and to lower my cholesterol. After 4 weeks I lost 1 stone and feel great, bought new jeans, and go on with goggul....thanks!! "  Ingrid, Brighton


"As a birthday present, I was treated to one of Micha's wonderful Ayurvedic massages and an Ayurvedic facial. What a blissful experience! The facial massage with herbal bags was a particular treat. I entered the treatment room quite exhausted and strung out from looking after my seven month old daughter. By the end of the session I was utterly relaxed and happy. Thanks so much. I will be back for more!"  Josie, Hove


"Micha listened to exactly what I wanted to get from the massage and paid particular attention to the areas of tension that I was struggling with the most. Her technique was excellent. It was one of the best massages I've ever had!" Anonymous, Brighton


"For 19 years I have suffered with daily stomach pains, from the severity of colitis for 7 years, to dealing with a total colectomy and the complications and difficulties that has delivered in the ability to maintain a healthy life.


In just a week of seeing Micha and following her dietary advice I have had no stomach pain AT ALL!!! ... I cannot find the words to describe how freeing that is, except I have tears of joy filling every part of my body. Thank you Micha for sharing the gift or true body nourishment." Michelle Roberton-Jones, Brighton


"I was suffering from severe ulcerative colitis and was advised by the hospital to begin steroid treatment. As a last resort I decided to try Ayurvedic Dietry Advice and the results were truly amazing. After just 3 months my symptoms have almost completely gone and I am jumping for joy. I found Micha to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and I would highly recommend her treatments. In my opinion Ayurveda is truly a Godsend!" Anon, Brighton


"Micha is a highly professional therapist and teacher and I am over the moon that I discovered such an amazing person. She is very attentive with her students during her yoga class. Her deep massage works wonders on the tense muscles and you sleep well afterwards. I also had a facial and my skin looks glowy and healthy and my eyes bright. Thank you very much."  Aleksandra, Brighton


"After suffering neck and shoulder pain for a year I decided to go to see Micha to see if alternative therapy would help. I've now seen micha three times and the pain in my neck / shoulder has pretty much gone. Micha  managed to get rid of the knots that were causing the problems in no time and I will definitely go back to see her again to ensure they don't come back!" Charlotte, Hove


"Micha’s massages are out of this world – literally: through her unique intuitive touch she creates a flow that transports body-soul-and-mind into a harmonious space." Susanna Deuter, Brighton





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“My passion for movement and life started in early years being trained in art gymnastics and dance. I followed my interest to increase the quality of my life and my love for healing and I never stopped developing my skills in this direction. I enjoy working with people offering spiritual and bodily awareness in a playful way and believe that learning and expanding can be fun.”

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