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We offer a full schedule of weekly classes, along with regular workshops and special events:


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Masterclass Courses

These workshops zone in on key areas of the body, taking your skills and confidence to the next level. Learn advanced skills not taught on standard massage courses, as you seamlessly integrate techniques derived from Osteopathy, Eastern techniques and advanced myofascial work.


Functional Massage Courses

We all know that our clients are more than just their muscles and joints. But how do you expand the scope of your ability to help, without lengthy and expensive extra training? Say hello to our Functional Massage course series, specifically designed to help massage therapists developm into fully holistic practitioners. Build on your existing skills to support more aspects of your clients health and well-being than ever before. Learn new techniques that go beyond the musculoskeletal system, gain lifestyle and nutritional protocols, and benefit from done-for-you written resources give your clients, supporting their progress at home.


New Horizon Courses

Embrace a new paradigm of seeing and treating with your clients - these inspiring courses take you to places you've never been before! Experience and treat the meeting point between the physical, emotional and energy bodies, drawing from a wide range of healing method; from Reiki, Chakra healing and Shamanic healing, right through to treating the 'spaces' in the body as shown by quantum physics. A great side effect of these courses is a huge leap forward in your own personal development.


Business & Personal Development Courses

To enjoy a successful career as a massage therapist, you will need more than excellent hands-on skills. The range of new skills needed to create success can be overwhelming. There are new 'hard skills' to get your head round, like business and personal brand development, copy writing, marketing, website creation and social media. Next, as YOU are your business and product, investing in your own personal development and avoiding burnout is essential too. Finally, client pathway management - how do you build a thriving list and turn clients into regulars without being too 'salesy'? No wonder so many massage therapists struggle with this side of their work! These courses will take all the stress out and give you everything you need to confidently tick every box. Benefit from key insights from course creator Gaynor, the co-creator and clinical director of one of the UK's largest and most susccesful complementary health centres.


Online Courses

Life is busy, and work, family and geography often make it hard to clear a day for CPD. We get it :-) Our online courses are the perfect way to push the pedal on your professional development from the comfort of your own home, at a time and pace that works for you. We offer an inspiring range of courses, from Business Development and Marketing, right through to Functional Health and Massage Courses adapted for online training.


Our latest online courses launch Spring 2017 - please email [email protected] if you'd like to be notified when enrollment opens.

CPD Courses for Massage Therapists

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Your Teacher

Our inspiring and exciting CPD courses for massage therapists are created and taught by our Clinical Director Gaynor Roberts, an experienced Massage Therapist, Osteopath, Naturopath and Functional Integrated Health Expert. Drawing on her many treatment modalities and 13 years experience, she will teach you techniques you will not learn on any other massage course!


Join us and benefit from 4 types of courses:

Masterclass Course Spine Business skills development Lotus Spa (2)