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Jessica Haslett

Health Kinesiology (HK) is a gentle but powerful holistic therapy. Drawing on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, in combination with western techniques, Jess provides a unique and individual treatment for each client.


Muscle testing is used to identify system stresses and energy blockages. Jess will then use the appropriate techniques to enhance your body's natural healing abilities, restoring balance to body and mind.


HK can be used effectively for clients of all ages, including babies, children and the elderly.  For more information please contact the centre and Jess will be happy to talk though your particular health and well being concerns in more detail.


Call the Tree of Life Centre now to restore balance to your body and mind in 2015.

Health Kinesiology


1st Visit (90 mins) : £65

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Call: 01273 220 159

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Follow-up (45 mins): £45

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‘Since my first Health Kinesiology session 3 weeks ago I feel like there have been lots of little shifts, including a shift in my thinking to listen to myself and my body. My digestive symptoms have lessened and it feels like other things are coming together more positively’.

JO - Brighton


‘the improvement is quite astonishing’ - reporting the dramatic reduction in daily bouts of sneezing her 11 year old daughter after her recent Health Kinesiology session. ‘The ‘chain sneezing’ has stopped and the resulting headaches have gone too’.

LP - Worthing


At his first Health Kinesiology session just over 2 months ago he had sore, dry skin on his face that felt tight and uncomfortable. Arriving for his third session he reported that his skin ‘has really improved, is in better condition, feeling less tight and much more comfortable’.

MH - Brighton


‘A really valuable session, and a tremendous support’.

LS - West Sussex


‘Mum, I’m just not worried any more’

This was after a number of sessions of Health Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique for issues that had been causing great anxiety and upset, affecting many areas of her daily life.

TW (age 12) - Newhaven


‘I have found Jess caring, nurturing and knowledgable. A very positive experience of Kinesiology’.

HM - Hove

Jess Haslett new photo

UPDATE: Jess expects to retrun to practice in Jan '21


In the meantime Jess recommends Linda Belcher