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Jana Krychtalkova


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Jana Krychtalkova

Coach & Teacher

Law of Attraction Coaching,  Meditation & Energy Healing


LAW OF ATTRACTION COACHING will help you tap into your true power by learning how to use your mind positively in a consistent way. Jana’s gift as a healer enables her to tune into your energy while channelling words which will guide in the release of negative thoughts and beliefs, allowing a deeper alignment with your true desires and intentions. This part of the session can be recorded, so you can use it later as affirmations. As you commit to this powerful transformation of your mind, your own everyday practice will be essential. Like attracts like (Law of Attraction), so inner changes will soon be mirrored in your outer world, manifesting as positive ideas, people and circumstances.


To understand your true sacred identity under all layers of conditioning and personal history, a meditation practice is enormously helpful. Jana created LOVING LIFE MEDITATION course to support you on this inner journey and you are very welcome to join it at Tree of Life Centre on Saturdays 11.30 am – 12.45 pm.


ENERGY HEALING is perceived in a wide variety of ways, from deeply relaxing to profound and spiritual. As a healer, Jana channels pure positive Source energy and initiates the healing from there. The healing is both hands on and auric – working on the subtle body (or aura). To feel the profound effect of Energy Healing, sometimes it’s helpful to start with a body treatment such as AROMATHERAPY or REFLEXOLOGY. Once your body is deeply relaxed you will naturally become more receptive to the subtle yet powerful energies of Healing. You can book this session as COMBINED THERAPIES.







“I highly recommend Jana’s unique Law of Attraction coaching. After attending many of Jana’s meditation classes and experiencing her warmth and expertise I already trusted that Jana’s coaching and healing energy would be just what I needed to help me to realise my goals. What really amazed me was her ability to connect with me on a spiritual level to really explore what is in my heart and question the self sabotaging patterns that were causing me to run round in circles for years! Now I know I have the tools inside me to keep following my goals, while being true to myself. It was like being brought back home to my soul. I am so grateful to Jana for sharing her light with me and I won’t hesitate to book some more sessions if I find myself questioning my path again in the future... I also would not hesitate to recommend Jana’s coaching to anyone and everyone.” T. H. Brighton


“Jana’s Law of Attraction Coaching sessions guide me like a shining beacon of light ‘back home’, to the space within me that is true and enduring, and which is love. Her sessions feel gentle but focused, nurturing yet challenging of my self-limiting beliefs, and always leave me feeling a new or renewed level of clarity and sense of hope. I feel wholeheartedly blessed for having met her and embarked on this stage of my soul’s journey with her.” N. L. Brighton


"Jana has helped me change my life in ways that I didn’t know were possible. By patiently and compassionately helping me challenge the assumptions of my life and working with me to follow my dreams and ambitions she has helped me see that I can have whatever reality I want. Through this process, in a very short period of time, we were able to realise some of my aspirations that to some extent I had previously given up on. I strongly believe that she has equipped me with the skills and mindset to apply this to my life going forward. Meeting Jana has been truly transformational and I cannot recommend her enough! " A.P. London




“I can wholeheartedly recommend a session with Jana. I felt heard and seen with so much compassion, and experienced a deep healing on many levels. I very much appreciated her respectful and naturally joyful approach towards me, towards her work and towards life. I found it very easy to feel safe and be open about where I am at, and her strong presence was available to receive and respond to that, making these sessions very effective and a pleasant experience for me.” L. S. Lewes




“Jana’s meditation sessions are pure magic! The journey meditation always hits the spot with what I need at that time. As if by magic, the following days seem to reflect the insights and gifts the meditation has brought. I LOVE these sessions, they set me up for the week.” G. M., Brighton  


“Jana's meditation classes are both broad and deep. I feel the expansiveness in terms of the relaxation all over my body and the way that my breath connects with the breath of all beings. I experience the depth in terms of the connection to the angels within – my guardians, guides and inner inspiration. Jana’s voice, as it guides me through the meditation, is simple, clear and very gentle. She has extraordinary intuition and every class feels ‘just right’. The particular focus for each week’s guided meditation always feels as if it is ‘just what I needed!" S. P. Brighton


Meditation update


Loving Life Meditation


With: Jana Krychtalkova


When: Saturdays 11:30am-12:45pm


Cost: £10 per class (£8 concessions) or buy a block of 5 weeks for £40


Loving Life Meditation is a guided meditation to help you reconnect to your own source of peace, wisdom and joy. The meditation starts with a focus on the breath, gently relaxing each part of the body until a state of deep relaxation is reached. The next step is inner journey - a guided visualisation.  There are weekly life-affirming themes such as self-love, owning your power, celebration of your uniqueness, power of appreciation, trust, joy, freedom, creativity, abundance. An innate part of this journey is connecting to Guardian Angels, opening to their messages and their healing. For many, this is a profound experience. The calm healing space is enhanced by gentle background music. Whether you would like to just relax deeper and let go of the stress of the week or seek a deeper connection to your spiritual essence, you are warmly welcome to join us!

















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