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Daniel Scott

Daniel is a practitioner of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tui-Na massage. He initially studied for a BA in Fine Art. In 2006 his interest in Martial Arts, Qi Gong and Classical Chinese philosophy drew him to undertake a formal study of East Asian Medicine.


In 2010 Daniel completed a BSc(hons) in Acupuncture followed by a MSc(Hons) in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the University of Westminster. After his studies Daniel taught clinical skills and worked in Westminster's busy polyclinic for the next five years while also building a private practice. Daniel's continuing professional development involves working and studying with senior level practitioners from around the world.


In over nine years of clinical practice, Daniel has used Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine to treat a wide range of conditions including; pain disorders, injuries and imbalances, migraine and tension headaches, IBS and digestive imbalances, asthma and respiratory conditions, menstrual and fertility issues, insomnia and anxiety, physical injury rehabilitation, and the treatment of scars. Daniel has also worked extensively with chronic health conditions and is happy to discuss your personal requirements.


Daniel approaches every case individually and uses the diagnostic methods of Chinese and East Asian Medicine to identify the problem. Treatment is tailored to fit the needs of the patient and create positive changes in health and wellbeing.


Daniel is a Member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and the Register of Chinese Medical Herbalists (RCHM).


Qi Gong Class - Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong form

£10 drop-in or £60 for 8 weeks


Suitable for beginners, these classes are a good introduction to the East Asian practice widely known as Qi Gong. For intermediate level students, these exercises are great for deepening and strengthening your experience of practice.


Class benefits


  • Valuable daily skill to improve physical and emotional health

  • Supports recovery from injuries

  • Create a sense of relaxed internal power

  • Beneficial for posture, breath and balance

  • Beneficial for muscles, joints, nervous system, internal organs and bodily functions

  • Explore your body and mind

  • Work with specific issues in a guided way

  • Supports your practice of other sports and art forms



Daniel explains more about the class and his personal practice:


"I first learned Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong form 10 years ago from Lineage holder Chris Ray Chappell and have found it enjoyable to practice and teach ever since. This qi gong set is easy to learn. The choreography combines relaxation and continuous movement, coordination and balance exercises. You will gain a deeper understanding of the body by working with core principles of posture, breath and balance."    


Preparation - please wear loose comfortable clothing; soft-soled flat shoes, socks or bare feet are ok.


No special level of fitness is required as your participation is self-determined and you are free to work at your own pace and skill. Please arrive 5 min before class is due to start.


Relaxation - in the Tree of Life Centre you will find the environment of relaxation and co-operation allows you to unravel hidden patterns of tension and create a deeper connection to your bodies movement and energy.  


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Please contact the Centre on 01273 220159 / [email protected]





Acupuncture - Tuina - Traditional Chinese Herbs

Qi Gong Classes


Bookings & Enquiries

Call: 01273 220 159

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Lic. Ac.    BAcC, RCHM


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Initial Appointment (75 mins) : £65


Chinese Herbal Medicine first appointment (45 mins) : £45

+ Price of herbs £9-£15 per week

Herbal Treatments

Chinese Herbal Medicine follow-up (30 mins) : £35

+ Price of herbs £9-£15 per week

Follow-ups (45-60 mins) : £50

Initial Appointment (75 mins) : £65

Follow-ups (45-60 mins) : £50

Daniel Scott

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Qi Gong class

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