Our drop-in, low-cost clinics are run by experienced and caring practitioners:


Acupuncture Drop-In


Tuesday 11:15 - 18:15

Thursday 14:00 - 18:00

Saturday 13:30 - 17:30

Fees £15-£40

Please arrive at least 1hr before the clinic is scheduled to finish


For Bookings & Enquiries please contact  01273 220159   or Email us info@tolcentre.com

Classes & Events


01273 220 159

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We offer a full schedule of weekly classes, along with regular workshops and special events:


 Class Timetable

Workshops & Events

Read more about our wide range of classes and lovely teachers:

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We have a beautiful, light and tranquil Studio, which holds classes of around 8-10 people. For all Yoga classes, please wear loose comfortable clothing so that you can relax and move freely. It is recommended that you practise barefoot.


It is better not to eat a heavy meal before doing a Yoga class and, if possible, leave a couple of hours after eating a meal. At a new class, the teacher will usually ask if you have done any Yoga before. Please tell the teacher if you have any injuries or health conditions, and also if you are or might be pregnant.


Your practice takes place on yoga mats that are provided (or you can bring your own if preferred), and sometimes blocks may be used to assist in some postures. The teacher will provide guidance and whilst they each work in a slightly different way, they will all ensure that you learn and practice yoga safely and productively.



About your class...


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With all the variables in training approaches, yoga can inevitably get some bad press. Some teacher training courses are simply not sufficient enough to enable teachers to have a high standard of safety awareness. That's why we are looking to find assurances that classes are of the highest quality, and so we have developed our "Yoga Standards" which all of our teachers are mindful of and adhere to wherever possible in a class environment. We feel this promotes really good quality teaching with confidence.


Finding an appropriate practice: There are many different styles and approaches with yoga, but safety for students should never be compromised, no matter what tradition a teacher has studied. Not every way of working, and every posture, is suitable for all. Being aware of what is appropriate for each student needs to be considered, and if in doubt, less is more!


Consultation: Drop-in classes do not easily lend themselves to a full health consultation, but new students should chat to the teacher about any specific health concerns before starting.


Ongoing assessment: Similarly, any new or recent health problems, injury, pains, or pregnancy should be brought to the teachers awareness before class.


Demonstrating vs Observing: Teaching a yoga class is not a time for personal practice! Our teachers aim to get a good balance between how much they demonstrate to students and how much they observe to assess for alignment, fatigue, straining, emotional release, etc.


Referrals: If a health issue means that yoga simply isn't suitable for you at this time, our teachers will make alternative referrals, or suggest you come and talk to one of our therapists about possible treatment.


Pregnancy: We have a dedicated pregnancy class that is excellent for pregnancy-specific yoga. Yoga should generally not be practiced for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.


Cautions: Asking students to ‘ease off’ or ‘only do what they can’ isn’t always going to be enough. Certain health problems need more care and attention. Sometimes it is hard to know ourselves how much we can do in a yoga class and perhaps we might be tempted to push ourselves too far in a group environment. Please take on board the advice of the teacher, in these circumstances, as they will be looking out for your wellbeing.


Physicality: Having a very "physical" approach to yoga can potentially lead to injury more easily. This is because the breath is an integral part of your practice. Our teachers will help you work with the breath, but please ask if you are having difficulties.


Over-exertion: Our teachers will help you to not just use muscular strength to push yourself into postures, to avoid straining your body rather than strengthening it. At Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, there is no need to aim for what may be seen as the ‘perfect version’ of a posture!


Stronger practice: Strong yoga practice is not suitable for everyone. But sometimes students are drawn to a type of practice that is counterproductive for them or even dangerous, and may not realise this, especially if they have been told that yoga might help them. Again, your teacher can advise you.


Yoga Standards at the Tree of Life Centre