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Suzanne Burnett

Suzanne is a highly experienced massage therapist with an outstanding reputation for the quality of her treatments and friendly, nurturing style.


Suzanne explains her background and approach:


"I spent my early life living in the Middle East where my parents were working. This experience opened my eyes to many cultures, belief systems and much more. With this, grew my interest in helping people.


Following success as a bilingual PA and later fulfilling my desire to travel some more, I trained as a fitness instructor and personal trainer in 1991. In 1993 I completed a diploma in Swedish massage which was to later become my passion when I retrained with the London School of Sports Massage in 2002.


I am dedicated to offering safe and effective treatments to all of my clients, in a warm and caring environment. I use a combination of massage, pressure, mobility and stretch techniques to release, strengthen and invigorate soft tissue and restore optimum function, drawing on my knowledge of the body and movement patterns to help people on their way towards their goals.


One of my core beliefs is that body tissue will always respond positively when given the appropriate environment and stimulation, both from the client and myself.


I am able to skilfully apply my experience and knowledge which has been gleaned from 25 years of working with clients, as well as from attending many workshops and courses to keep up to date. I always communicate clearly, explaining my use of techniques as necessary or as requested. My work is very intuitive so that no two treatments are ever the same. Working with touch and listening in this way, I am able to really tune into my clients’ needs.


Having personally practiced meditation and yoga over many years I became increasingly interested in the research findings of neuroscience and mindfulness. From 2011 to 2013, I trained as a mindfulness teacher with Breathworks. I then continued to develop my own meditation and mindfulness practice.


In 2015 I began teaching 8-week mindfulness courses in Sussex, I also offer regular mindfulness meditation group sessions.


Throughout my career as a fitness and health professional, I have enjoyed working with people of all ages, fitness levels and movement abilities, assisting each one to become more confident and familiar with their health, function in daily life, pain levels and performance.


Over the years, I have built up a strong network with other health professionals, including osteopaths, physiotherapists, GP’s, psychotherapists, herbalists, personal trainers, nutritionists, homeopaths and acupuncturists. From time to time I refer clients to other forms of intervention, depending on their health status and goals.


I look forward to meeting you!"


For bookings and enquiries, please contact the Centre on 01273 220159 / info@tolcentre.com

Massage Therapist - Mindfulness & Movement



1 hour massage: £45

90 mins: £65

To Book

Call: 01273 220 159

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Email: info@tolcentre.com

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