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Nathalie Sansonetti

My goal is to help you discover how great you can feel, once we've addressed your digestion, energy, weight or hormonal issues (among many others!).  You deserve to feel great physically and mentally so that you can live your life to the fullest.  I'm not promising miracles, but re-connecting with your inner healing self will change your life - as it has done for hundreds of people I have worked with over the last 9 years.


Being a single working Mum (of two wonderfully active teenagers), I know what it’s like to be juggling responsibilities and having to manage your time cleverly.  So I won't try and squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all program that's totally unrealistic.  Quite the contrary, I'll always look at you in relation to your budget, time constraints, other family members you may be living with or cooking for, whether you commute every day, eat out a lot for work etc.


Gut Loving Life Program


I offer a proven and very popular program derived from years of experience that includes a painless, non-invasive food intolerance test using a Dietx biofeedback machine.  The test helps me to determine from the onset where to focus my dietary advice.


The recommendations are always adapted to fit around your life to ensure easy implementation and sustainability.


Session 1: 1hour. Includes:

•Questionnaire – food intolerance test – recommendations on elimination of all intolerances found in the test.  With advice on food alternatives and supplements.


Session 2:  A 30-minute support call: within the first week of your program, during which time you can ask any questions regarding recipe ideas, eliminations, food and meal alternatives etc to help you further with implementing your program.


Session 3: 1 hour call - 8 weeks into your program. Includes:

•A final assessment of your progress. Advice on re-introduction of eliminated foods; further tips, recipes and recommendations to help you maintain healthier habits beyond the program.


My discovery of Health Coaching


My biggest realisation working for years as a Nutritional Therapist was that people do not usually need more information, they need to know how to implement the advice and change the way they think about food, health, bodies, etc.  Finding that people kept going back to their old habits after they achieved the goals they first set out, made me realise that I needed to offer something that would change these habits into healthier ones, for good.  


Health Coaching provided me with the perfect solution: tailor-made curated nutritional advice with ongoing weekly support and transformational tools that would help my patients to implement the advice by making the new habits stick for good.  Clients going through my 90-Day Health Energy & Total Transformation Program were suddenly making changes to the way they thought about food but also about their own self-image, confidence and all areas of their lives.

Health Coaching is in my opinion the best way to change your life, which will affect your health but also your confidence, social and love lives, career, and many other areas.




"Nathalie has given me so much, beyond expectation.  Clear, understandable, up to date information on nutrition and food.  For me, a burnt-out food lover with no confidence in food planning I have gone from 1 in confidence and know-how to 10.  Nathalie to me is the expert to turn to.  I come from a large medical/surgeons family.  Nathalie's craft is the preventative and rehabilitation work needed to improve the individual.  I am truly touched and impressed by Nathalie genuinely caring about her clients".  Lovely Hoque, London.


"I just wanted to let you know that it's all going well and so far I have been completely Migraine free! - when I saw you I was taking between 1 and 3 Imigran tablets a day, I haven't taken any for the last 2 weeks now and only have 2 tablets in my possession, before seeing you having less than 6 would worry me!  So thank you! - this has made a real difference, I'm so grateful."  Adrian Brandish, Brighton.


“I suffered from low energy levels and stomach problems for over a year.  I went to my GP several times and was told that I have IBS and that nothing can be done about it.  After seeing Nathalie, I started a diet to get rid of a candida infection and discovered intolerances to several foods I was consuming daily.  The following 2 months had a real impact on my life.  I have a lot more energy than before, I have lost over 5 kgs without any extra exercise or starving myself and I eat much more healthily.  Everyone with such symptoms should come and see Nathalie!"  Ralista, Brighton


"Trying to live healthier I've long been overwhelmed by all the information out there on what I should eat. This program has helped me discover what works best for me and to how to integrate healthy eating into my busy life. Taking care of myself and nourishing my body with only the best quality foods has now become a habit like brushing my teeth." Johanna Martinez















Graduate of the Health Coach Institute, USA

Food Allergy & Intolerance Therapist – College of Naturopathic Nutrition

Natural Nutrition Therapist –Graduate of the College of Natural Nutrition, UK

Masters Degree from The University of The West of England


I am fully insured and a Member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy









Health and Nutrition Coach



To Book

Call: 01273 220 159

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Email: info@tolcentre.com

"I love sharing my knowledge and passion with my clients. The people I have helped so far have needed support for weight, gut and skin issues, to improve their immunity, moods and energy levels, help with menstrual and menopause problems, children’s health, eating habits and sports training support."

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Adults and children


8 week Gut Loving Program: £250



Mum & Baby


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