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Helen Brooks      

Helen graduated in Applied Psychology in 1997 with an Honours Degree from Sussex University.


Having trained with Dr Keith Hearne she obtained her Diploma of Hypnotherapy at The European College of Hypnotherapy and is registered with The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Helen has undertaken specialist training in hypnosis for childbirth with Marie Mongan of The Hypnobirthing Institute. She has also completed specialist training in smoking cessation and is currently a practitioner for the National Smoking Cessation Institute.


Helens breadth of knowledge & experience ensures that her clients receive the most up to date techniques and information. It is the combination of her skills and warm and friendly personality that accounts for her consistent results & success.


Helen has recently been filmed for Channel 4 in a series called 'Chill Out' with Dr. Mark Hamilton. The show is looking at teenagers and different approaches to dealing with stress. Helen is working with Erica using hypnotherapy to combat and alleviate stress and anxiety. This is due to air in the autumn.




A FREE initial consultation can be arranged before booking.


Session Fees:

£75 per session (1 hour)


Stopping Smoking £200 for 2.5 hour programme, over 2 sessions.

To Book

Call: 01273 220 159

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Email: info@tolcentre.com

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"I started smoking at the age of 16, and always thought I would be able to give up when I wanted.  20 years on I was smoking a packet a day and desperately wanted to give up.  Had tried nicotine replacement therapy without success, and couldn’t even contemplate using willpower alone.  As a strong believer in complementary and alternative medicine I decided that before I admit to myself that there was no hope for me, and that I was doomed to be dependant on the weed for the rest of my life (or until they banned it!!), I would give hypnotherapy a try.  A friend recommended Helen to me, and I subsequently arranged a session.


I found Helen to be professional but friendly, and so easy to talk to that I felt completely relaxed in her presence. The two sessions I attended were fascinating and such an incredible experience.  The hypnosis itself was just so relaxing, both mentally and physically.  And the smoking?  Well I haven’t had a single fag since, and I don’t get any cravings or miss it at all.  Incredible!  3 months on I consider myself to be non-smoker.  Thank you so much." Mark


"Dear Helen Just wanted to update you on my new found confidence with presenting! I had my other presentation last Wednesday and it went really well. Thanks for helping me with this."



"I saw you for a session on fear of flying. I just wanted to tell you that I had the best flight there and back! I was slightly apprehensive when I first got on the plane, but something just clicked and I felt really calm. I'm flying again on Friday and don't feel worried at all! Thank you very much! "

Claire Huskisson


"I can honestly say that sessions with Helen have really changed my life!

when I look back to how I was to how I am now, it seems like I am a completely different person. I am now a lot calmer, more self assured and before the sessions I would have described myself as a pessimist where as now I am an optimist. I am always going to be forever grateful to Helen because she has helped me in a way that I did not think possible, thank you." 

Matt Redmond


"I wish I'd tried it years ago. My anxiety was more manageable after just one session and after five sessions I had a feeling of personal control and calmness that I'd never experienced before."

Lisa Copeland


"Thank you for all of the hynotherapy sessions that you gave me. I feel that they really worked for me and have helped me overcome my phone phobia. I am picking the phone up at work and home and now I don't avoid any calls. I have the confidence to pick up the phone and havent had a panic attack in ages."



"I keep meaning to drop you an email to say thank you for the last session I had with you. I feel so much better, I haven't smoked since that session and am feeling really good and positive about the whole thing and just wanted to thank you really. Thanks again Helen. Best wishes"




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BA(Hons), Dip Hyp, SQHP