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Tuesday 11:15 - 18:15

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Fees £15-£35

Please arrive at least 1hr before the clinic is scheduled to finish


For Bookings & Enquiries please contact  01273 220159   or Email us info@tolcentre.com

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01273 220 159

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Food & Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance testing packages


1.Do you suffer from bloat, indigestion, or erratic bowel movements that seem to occur after eating certain foods but can’t figure out which ones are the culprits?


2.Do you have Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, IBS, diverticulitis or other debilitating digestive diseases and want to find out what foods will be safe for you to eat so that you can go back to enjoying foods and life again?


3.Do you want to boost your energy levels, lose some weight and live a healthier life by finding out which foods and lifestyle habits work best for you?


I offer a proven and very popular program derived from years of experience and that includes a painless, non-invasive food intolerance test using a Dietx machine.   The test helps me to determine from the onset where to focus the advice, including dietary, lifestyle habits, naturopathic techniques and stress-relieving methods.


The recommendations are always adapted to fit around your life to ensure easy implementation and sustainability.  


The program runs over 8 weeks and includes:


Session 1: 1hour. Includes:

•Questionnaire – food intolerance test – recommendations on diet, naturopathic and stress-relieving techniques tailored to bring you fast relief and lasting results.

Session 2: . 1 hour. 4 weeks into your program. Includes:

•An assessment of your progress; adjustment of the advice depending on the changes you experienced. More targeted recommendations to help you further towards your goals; tailored recipes where needed.

Session 3: 1 hour.  8 weeks into your program. Includes:

•A final assessment of your progress.  Advice on re-introduction of eliminated foods; further tips, recipes and recommendations to help you maintain healthier habits beyond the program.




"I went to Nathalie 3 weeks ago with severe IBS symptoms that I had been suffering with for years. She performed a food intolerance test which came up with several things, some I was surprised, others not so much.  Nathalie put together a plan for me, prescribed me some natural supplements to help heal my gut. After 3 weeks I've had no severe bloating or attacks of IBS, I've even tried a bit of cheese which I thought I couldn't eat before. I've started meditation the past week (which was suggested by Nathalie to help with stress) and I find myself a whole lot calmer already. My clothes are fitting better too!  I owe it all to her and look forward to when I make my next appointment with her." Johanna Hargreaves, Hove


“Nathalie gave us excellent nutritional advice, allergy testing , recipes and ideas to follow for myself and my daughter... we were both have difficulties with bloating and tiredness and generally wanted to know more about the best foods to be eating and what to avoid.

Nathalie was very informed and approachable and gave us both very good individual advice , I highly recommend her and she made our appointments easy with her friendly and warm nature and professionalism.”  Christina Jessel, Brighton


“I went to see Nathalie with my son as he was really struggling with his eczema, countless trips to our GP didn't provide any solutions, so we thought we'd look at his diet. I'm so pleased that after two weeks after his first consultation with Nathalie his eczema has totally cleared up, he is calmer and his concentration is much improved. I would definitely recommend Nathalie, she has been so helpful, given us lots of advice and recipes all tailored to kids. We are so pleased to finally be eczema free!”  Sarah Short, Hove.


"I contacted Nathalie earlier in the year as I was having a real problem with excess mucus – which seriously affected my senses of taste and smell, even leading to a total loss of those senses at times. Nathalie helped me to identify my food intolerances and provided dietary advice which has led to a full recovery of taste and smell – as well as a significant reduction of mucus production and a general sense of wellbeing. Consequently, I have much to thank Nathalie for."      Malcolm, Hove



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To Book



- 8-week Gut Loving Program cost: £195 (3 x 1hour sessions)


- Children’s health: £130 (2 x 1hour sessions)


Also suitable for children and

babies, ask Nathalie for more

Call: 01273 220 159

Email: info@tolcentre.com

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