Our drop-in, low-cost clinics are run by experienced and caring practitioners:


Acupuncture Drop-In


Tuesday 10:00 - 18:15

Thursday 14:00 - 18:00

Saturday 13:30 - 17:30

Fees £15-£40

Please arrive at least 1hr before the clinic is scheduled to finish


For Bookings & Enquiries please contact  01273 220159   or Email us info@tolcentre.com

Classes & Events


01273 220 159

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We offer a full schedule of weekly classes, along with regular workshops and special events:


 Class Timetable

Workshops & Events

Read more about our wide range of classes and lovely teachers:

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For sale at Reception, or

please  call 01273 220159



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Family Contellations Workshop

Family Constellations Workshop - with Clara Zapata

Sunday 25th November, 11am – 3pm (£40)

At the Tree of Life Centre, 143 Portland Rd, Hove, BN3 5QJ


This practical "family constellations" workshop helps identify and change unhelpful patterns, limiting frameworks and deep emotional wounds that may be holding us back in life.


We all develop certain behavioural patterns, viewpoints and personal dynamics based upon the experiences and values we absorb from our family, culture, community, educational system and work place. To some extent these systems can help us make sense of the world. However, our fullest potential can be limited if we become stuck living within dynamics that are not aligned with our own true values and beliefs. This can limit happiness and success in any area of life; close relationships, professional fulfilment, creative expression, self-belief, and so on.


The process at the heart of family constellations helps people make profound, transformational and liberating changes in any area of life they want to focus on. This empowering workshop helps participants gain new insights into all the factors holding them back in any area of their life, and resolve deep-seated blockages.


The workshop provides a safe, supportive and confidential space in which parcticipants work as a small group to support each others process. While one participant is focuses on their own 'life systems', the other participants represents the parts of the system being explored, under the caring and expert guidance of facilitator Clara Zapata. It is an embodied and transforamtive experience, in the service of all. All welcome.


Clara looks forward to welcoming you - for bookings and enquiries please contact her on 07411 221755 or via the Centre on info@tolcentre.com



Change unhelpful patterns, get un-stuck, and live life to the full

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Sunday 25th November

11am - 3pm

To Book

Date & time

Clara Zapata tree of life centre

Clara Zapata

Group Leader

£40 per person

Pre-booking required


Private 1:1 sessions also available with Clara


Call Clara on 07411 221755 or

reach her via the centre on

info@tolcentre.com /

01273 220159